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Uber Accident Attorney in Kansas City, Missouri

Taking an Uber is an easy way to get from one destination to another in the Kansas City Metro Area. More and more people are figuring that out as rideshare participation continues to grow. 

Although you probably don’t think about who would be liable for your injuries and other damages if you are injured while a passenger in an Uber or your car is struck by a negligent Uber driver, it is good information to have. After all, as rideshare popularity increases, so will the number of rideshare-involved accidents. 

At Burgess Law Firm PC, we understand that personal injury claims arising from Uber accidents can be more complicated than others. However, complications don’t deter us from delivering remarkable legal representation to our clients who have been injured in one. If you have been involved in an Uber accident in Kansas City, Missouri, or anywhere in the Metro Area, our personal injury attorneys can assist you.  

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What Makes Uber Accidents Unique? 

You might have heard about the controversies surrounding Uber drivers and the company itself. There are varying opinions regarding the employment status of drivers. They are neither traditional employees nor are they completely independent contractors. This disparity is at the heart of what makes personal injury claims in a rideshare-involved accident complicated.  

If you were a passenger in a traditional cab, when injured, the cab company’s liability insurance would be on the hook to compensate you, as would the driver of the other vehicle if they caused the crash. That is because the cab driver is clearly an employee of the cab company, driving a company-owned vehicle.  

If you are injured while a passenger in an Uber, however, the liable party depends on the circumstances. If the Uber driver caused the crash while transporting you, you can file a claim against Uber’s major liability coverage. The company maintains Uber passenger insurance with up to $1 million in limits.  

If you are a passenger in an Uber and someone else causes the accident, you would file a third-party liability claim against the at-fault driver. You might also be able to garner medical payment benefits from Uber, regardless of who was responsible for the crash. 

If you are in your own vehicle and a negligent Uber driver causes a crash that injures you, the driver’s status determines whose insurance coverage you file a claim against. If the driver was logged into the Uber app and was transporting a passenger or on the way to pick up a passenger, you can file a claim against Uber’s major liability coverage. If the driver was logged into the app but was not carrying a passenger and was not on the way to get one, you can file a claim against Uber’s basic liability coverage. That coverage has policy limits of $50,000 per person. 

If the person who causes the crash is an Uber driver who was not logged into the app at the time, you would file a third-party liability claim against that driver’s personal auto insurance policy and be subject to that policy’s limits.  

Confused? That’s why it’s a wise move to talk to a rideshare accident attorney who will know what your options are for compensation.  

Why Are Rideshare Drivers Prone to Accidents? 

There are a few reasons why rideshare drivers may be negligent. One reason would be driver distraction. While they are transporting you, they are looking at their map app, waiting for the next call notice on the app, and accepting the next fare.  

Uber drivers also may not necessarily be familiar with where they are transporting you or other passengers. As such, they are over-reliant on the map app, again a distraction from the road.  

Because they make more money by taking as many calls as possible, Uber drivers may be fatigued. They aren’t subject to hourly limits like taxi drivers and truck drivers are. The opportunity to respond to more calls is also why Uber drivers may have a tendency to speed.  

What Do I Do After an Uber Accident? 

If you are injured in a rideshare-involved accident, make sure you get medical attention right away, even if you aren’t sure you are injured. Many injuries don’t cause symptoms right away, and delaying diagnosis and treatment can hamper your recovery. Moreover, the delay gives an insurance company the argument that you either were not injured or you hurt yourself in some other way after, not during, the crash.  

Call 911 and write down the name and personal insurance information of the Uber driver, as well as Uber’s insurance information. Also, record the names and contact information of any witnesses. If you are a rideshare passenger at the time, the app should preserve certain information, but it doesn’t hurt to screenshot it as well.  

Call a car accident attorney with experience representing rideshare-involved victims. Your attorney will help investigate the crash and gather all the vital documents, such as the crash report, your medical records and bills, and witness statements. Your attorney will explore all potential insurance coverage as well.  

Uber Accidents Attorney in Kansas City, Missouri 

If you don’t hire an experienced rideshare accident attorney, you may not know whose liability coverage you can file claims against. If your injuries are severe and your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages are substantial, you are going to need access to every coverage possible. Call Burgess Law Firm PC in Kansas City, Missouri, today to schedule a free case consultation. Uber accident claims may be complicated, but we welcome the challenge to help our clients prevail.