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Burn Injury Attorney in Kansas City, Missouri

Severe burn injury victims can face years of recovery, filled with many doctor visits, physical therapy, and multiple surgeries.

It is an unfortunate fact that burn injury victims also face one of the most difficult financial struggles of any personal injury-related case, due to the need for repeated medical treatment that becomes very costly over time.

By filing a personal injury lawsuit, a burn injury victim may seek compensation for the damages they suffer on a physical, emotional, and financial level. If the victim tragically succumbed to his or her injuries, a wrongful death claim may be brought against the responsible party.

Types of Burn Injuries

There are three types of burn injuries.

  • First Degree Burns.
    These burns affect the first layer of skin and tend to heal within a few days. If this type of burn covers a large part of the body, medical attention should be sought immediately.

  • Second Degree Burns.
    These burns affect the second layer of skin and can easily become third-degree burns if not treated quickly. Second-degree burns can create pain, blisters, leaking fluid and loss of skin.

  • Third Degree Burns.
    Third-degree burns affect all three layers of skin and can even destroy tissue under the skin. Third-degree burns are usually painless, and the victim's skin may appear charred with white, black or brown patches.

Burn Injuries

Fire accidents can happen anywhere at any time, and result in tragic burn injuries that are extremely painful and involve a difficult road to recovery. A burn injury is defined as tissue damage that can be caused by a variety of agents and circumstances, including but not limited to:

Gas explosions

Gas lines are a part of both residential and commercial infrastructure, and while we often overlook the installation of these lines, proper installation, maintenance, and regular replacement are necessary to ensure the safety of the general public. Corrosion, rupture, and failure to monitor gas lines can result in tragic consequences for anyone in a faulty gas line's vicinity.

Gas explosions can result in catastrophic injuries including burn injuries, permanent scarring, and death. All too often these personal injuries are avoidable through proper maintenance and care of gas lines, adding insult to the tragic consequences that victims of gas explosions have to endure. Gas explosion cases require extensive investigation and experience in personal injury cases, and it is important for any victims or family members of victims of gas explosions to seek a competent attorney who can assist with the gas explosion case to protect the victim's rights.

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