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Lyft Accidents Attorney in Kansas City, Missouri

In today’s more modernized society, ridesharing is becoming more and more common as a means of transportation, particularly in urban areas. With it being more common, however, there also comes an increased frequency of traffic accidents involving ride-sharing vehicles.  

But what happens if you are involved in a Lyft accident? What if you’re the driver? What if you’re the passenger? What if you’re driving another vehicle that is involved in the accident? 

At the Burgess Law Firm, PC, our team is well-versed in cases involving Lyft accidents. We are ready to answer your questions, assess your situation, determine the best course of action, and represent your best interests throughout the legal process. If you are located in the greater Kansas City, Missouri, metropolitan area and you have been involved in a Lyft accident, get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation to find the best path forward. 

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Understanding Lyft Accidents 

Ride-sharing companies provide their customers with a fast and easy method of transportation through the use of simple mobile apps. With these cars spending more time on the road than average vehicles, it means there is a greater risk of traffic accidents occurring. Even the most basic traffic accidents can become complicated once insurance providers or lawsuits come into play, but when the accident involves a driver for a ride-sharing company, passengers (who are actually customers), and people in other vehicles, things only become more complex and difficult to keep track of. 

When it comes specifically to the rideshare app Lyft, there are specific things to be aware of when you are involved in an accident. 

Coverage Periods 

Lyft divides its drivers’ time spent behind the wheel into three specific categories (or “periods”). These periods are defined as: 

  • Period 1: The driver has his or her Lyft app turned on and is awaiting a request from someone who needs a ride. 

  • Period 2: The driver has received a ride request and is on his or her way to pick up the customer. 

  • Period 3: The customer is in the driver’s vehicle and the ride is actively taking place. When the driver drops off the passenger, Period 3 ends and Period 1 begins again. 

What Coverage Does Lyft Provide? 

The insurance coverage in a Lyft accident depends on what each individual’s role was in the crash. Understandably, this means Lyft provides different coverage for its own drivers, its customers, and any individuals involved in the accident in other ways. 

For Drivers 

For Lyft drivers, the coverage provided by Lyft varies depending on which of the above periods is active when the accident takes place. The coverage is broken down as follows: 

  • Accident during Period 1: Lyft provides limited coverage of up to $50,000 per person involved in an accident, with $100,000 per incident and up to $25,000 for property damage. 

  • Accident during Periods 2 or 3: Lyft provides increased coverage of up to $1 million with comprehensive and collision coverage — but only if you have these coverages active in your personal insurance policy as well. 

In terms of coverage for your own vehicle in the event of a Lyft accident, the company does provide coverage up to the full cash value of your car, but you must pay a $2,500 deductible first. 

For Passengers 

If you were a passenger in a vehicle operated by a Lyft driver during the course of a rideshare, your injuries are likely to be covered by the company’s commercial liability insurance. You may be able to file a claim against the Lyft driver, but the driver is also likely to be covered by Lyft’s commercial insurance if the damages exceed the driver’s personal policy coverage. If the accident was caused by the driver of another vehicle, you may also file a claim against the responsible driver’s insurance.  

For Drivers of Other Vehicles 

If you are driving another vehicle and are involved in an accident caused by a Lyft driver, the company’s commercial liability policy will provide coverage for any injuries or property damage you or your vehicle sustained. 

Personal Auto Insurance 

A Lyft driver’s personal auto insurance coverage is only in effect if the driver had the Lyft app turned off and was driving their vehicle for their own personal use. 

Does Personal Auto Insurance Cover a Lyft Accident? 

If you are a Lyft driver, your personal insurance will not cover you for accidents that occur during the course of using your vehicle for financial gain. 

Potential Compensation 

As with any other auto accident, there are different factors to consider regarding compensation. When filing a claim — no matter what party the claim is being filed against — financial compensation may be recoverable to pay for: 

  • Medical bills 

  • Lost wages due to an inability to work 

  • Property damage caused by the accident 

Your eligibility for compensation depends on the specifics of your accident. Consulting with an experienced attorney after your Lyft accident will provide you with more detailed options. 

Lyft Accidents Attorney Serving Kansas City, Missouri

If you have been involved in a Lyft accident — as a driver, passenger, or in another vehicle — you need an attorney with experience in Lyft accident cases. We are here to lead the way. Contact our team at the Burgess Law Firm, PC to schedule an initial consultation. We proudly serve clients throughout the greater metropolitan area of Kansas City, Missouri.